Welcome to SYK Innovation

The company was founded in 1993 by Svante Syk, under the name Edåsa Innovation. Since its inception, the business has been focused on the founder’s own inventions, which resulted in a variety of product ideas, patent applications and patents. Since 2006, work is focused on the development of a product line in the area of medical technology. The idea that created the nose-bleeding product ProNasus® is also the basis for the two affiliated companies ProNasus AB and MediNasus AB.

SYK Innovation AB is based on owner and founder Svante Syks ability to develop innovative solutions that are then going to be products. A development that takes place constantly, completely independently regulated working hours and physical space. A work that in periods alone, but also relies on strong network of expert partners.

Svante Syk is a trained social worker, has a Master and supervisor degree in social work. In a distans past even technicians / repair of machinery in the printing industry.